Liquid Weed and Feed?

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by lawnguru wannabe, Apr 4, 2012.

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    You do not want to apply fertilizer to cool-season grasses when the "Heat of Summer" is expected to be upon us... plan for about 2 weeks for the fert to really start having an effect of the color of the turf... I went 7 weeks w/out mowing non-irrigated lawns one Summer, imagine the 'burn' even a little bit of extra NPK salts may have caused...

    Remember last June, we were just coming out of a late Spring, then on June 19th it hit over 90 degrees and sunny, all of a sudden?
    I had one lawn' just go yellow' on me that day!...

    But typically it is the relentless duration of heat through July to mid August, when the lawn may be tempted to go dormant, that is a 'season' to plan for... :)
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    i guess i'm not following why you would want to put that fertilizer application down in late june, versus early june, when it's not as hot?
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    Originally Posted by lawnguru wannabe
    Ya, I was thinking a liquid weed and feed application in early May, granule fertilizer end of June-ish, then a liquid 2-4D spraying in later September, then mid-October winterizer. How does that sound?

    I think what happened is you had originally stated "end of June-ish" and my respnse was "reconsider" as in reconsidering the idea of doing anything at the end of June... so we've been both saying the same thing for the past several posts... :)

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