Liriope and ornamental grass removal

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by guntruck, Aug 13, 2001.

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    Hi guys, just wondering if there were any better ways of doing what im doing. I have a very large res. job removing all liriope and orn. grass. The big stuff we just dig up and pull out but the lirioipe has major underground root networks hehe. What we have been doing is pulling the grass back and hacking the roots with a flat edging shovel. It cuts the roots a little at a time and the we just keep pulling. HTen when it gets too big we take the shovel and cut it so its not too heavy. Man talk about labor intensive work!!! We had a very hard day and got about 2/3's finished we go back tomorrow to edge and finish with the grass. Any better ways for this liriope? I would really appreciate it, but i cant seem to think of any other way.
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    we just did a retro job on an area of 20x60 with liriope & parson's juniper (small size) area was infested with weeds n was a poor job (no irrigation or maintanence).......rented a sod cutter and had it cleared in about 1 hour ;->

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