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Liscenses, payroll, taxes AGGGGGGGGH

matthew horner

LawnSite Senior Member
Sanford, NC
Ok, I don't know where to start.
I've been in business for 4 years, and I'm a waylon, willie, johnny (cash and paycheck) etc. fan, so deep down inside, I buck the system. However, I'm also a professional, and a thinker (and it appears I overuse commas:p ). Well, I'm getting bigger and bigger. I feel the time has come to start doing things legally. I've not been breaking the law, just been running my business like the gov would not like for me to. I pay taxes, just not quarterly. I don't report my payroll directly. The payroll thing has been a headache, so I'm fixing that this year.
So here's my question. First, I landscape and mow. Pobrably 50:50. I want a liscense. How do I go about getting one. I live in sanford, nc.
I also want a liscense to spray chemicals (herb, pest, fert.)
I would also love some feedback on classes pertaining to small business accounting.
And finally, how do you find a good accountant, who will look out for you! and, what should I expect to pay for such a service. I know the sky is the limit here, but what works for you guys as far as what you pay and what you get.
Thanks so much.
From a fellow Sanfordian....

Go here to see the Pesticide Licensing info. Thing is, you don't wanna get caught putting this stuff down without it. The state is in a budget crunch and there are stiff fines for unlicensed applicators. It's easy money for them to.

I'm thinking I'm gonna go to the class in Winston in April. If not, I'll go to Raleigh in June. Maybe we can carpool.


matthew horner

LawnSite Senior Member
Sanford, NC
Wow, a fellow sanfordian on lawnsite. Do you work here in town? I'm about half raleigh, half sanford.

Would love to carpool. Are these classes that count towards credit hours? How do you get started in this process.
Also, are liscensed general landscaper, and if so, how?
Thanks so much.

Yeah, I pass your place everyday. My kid goes to Tramway school.

I live over off of Petty Road.

Actually, I'm the guy that called you about 8am one day this week looking to sub some work if you had it....LOL

email me at mitchalo2@yahoo.com. Maybe we can get together sometime. Share ideas, plot the demise of all our competition....ha ha ha