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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by americanlawn, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Today I sent 7 applicators to attend a training meeting for our state's Continuing Education Units (CEU) so their licenses would be kept current. They showed up at 1:00 so they would have time to register all applicators. The event was to be held at 1:30.

    We worked all morning, and I promised these guys they would be done for the day once the training was over. When they got there, they were told the TIME HAD BEEN CHANGED! Turns out, they held the training at "8:30 in the morning"!

    This "event" was sponsored by the IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY/University Extension.

    What do we do now?
    Why did they not notify us of the change? (we always get the postcards, and there was no "fine print" regarding rescheduling or changing the time)
    Is there any responsibility involved?

    Bottom line: They showed up 1/2 hour ahead of time. Brought a company check to pay. 3 vehicles drove 25 miles. I promised these guys the rest of the day off. We lost 1/2 day of work (that's a few hundred dollars), so I'm really mad. My wife is SUPER mad!

    Here's the ISU Extension office phone number: (515) 957-5760.


    Here's what their postcard said, "NOTE: THIS IS THE ONLY NOTICE YOU WILL RECEIVE FOR ALL FALL PROGRAMS." :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Wondering where we go from here. :dizzy:

    What would YOU do? Send them a bill for salary expense? Request that Iowa State automatically renew these licenses? Tell 'em to get a "real job"? :hammerhead:

    rscvp, thanks
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    wow man that sucks. Id call them up and sk them what happened. Why no notification. I would probably talk to them to about covering my expensises for the trip when it was useless.

    keep us updated
  3. MarcSmith

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    send em a bill, it will get laughed at and circular filed...

    I would call and ask what happened. Do not be angry, do not be confrontational, just ask for an explanation, and ask for what options you have moving forward. Explain what you did and why you are upset. again do it respectfully....

    Print out their website right now which shows the class time of 1:30pm... and ask them if they changed the time why they did not update their website such that you could have made different arrangements.

    I doubt you'll be reimbursed for your expenses. files this in the category of SHT HAPPENS. I doubt you get a waiver for their CEU's but they may grant you an extension, depends on when their card expire. if their cards expire next month and you waited to the last minute also consider this a learning experience such that take the classes early as possible rather than as late as possible.

    The most frustrating aspect is that they seem to schedule the classes when we are busy...rather than dead of winter, when we have more time for CEU's and such...

    Good luck, I'm sure it will all work out int he end. yes you'll have the lost production and lost wages and fuel...but its a small price to pay for being a legitimate business.
  4. Think Green

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    I'd be pissed off too because I have been under certain situations like this for re-certifications.
    To answer your question of most importance is this--"The state holds all the cards, especially when it assumes the partnership from the local or state universities. There is no real communication system for these guys. The U of A here doesn't relay messages to well to the State Plant Board organization that is responsible for keeping us informed. That is why we pay these Schmuks high office salaries to keep the boat floating. The communication gaps is unacceptable in my eyes as well. We are privy to several State sites on certification and recertification but there is no real time line and when the time come to light.................the dates change or someone doesn't know a damn thing.
    I was told by State license agents a few years keep up with my own butt......the state isn't responsible for that.
    Either way.........before I go to Hot Springs this January for my continuing educational classes, you better bet that I will be calling several agents beforehand to get the information.
  5. americanlawn

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    Thanks Luke, I'm thinking about contacting my ISU buds to get their opinion, but I don't think it's their fault cuz it was the ISU "Extension's" fault. There are 99 Iowa county extension offices. Polk County (Des Moines) is by far the largest. What it boils down to is a "satellite download" on a big screen TV to all 99 counties.

    Ric, if you're following this post, I'd like to know what you think. I realize that Iowa's license requirements are much lower than the State of Florida, but is this unjust or what?

    My guys even changed into clean uniforms and arrived at the extension office 30 minutes early. They also had pens & paper to take notes. They did the best they could, yet we lost money at the same time. No wonder I'm a HAWKEYE fan instead of an ISU cyclown fan.

    Kinda wondering who is responsible. Can't figure in any way it's us, cuz we did EVERYTHING right. We were there ----- THEY WERE NOT!
  6. ted putnam

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    My advice: Listen to your answering machine a little more frequently! Next, Fire the chick in the office. She fell down on the job and that's unacceptable!:laugh: JK
    All kidding aside. The responsibility is yours ultimately. Kiss the lost income goodbye. A cost of doing business I suppose. Surely there is another opportunity before cards expire. I know they are limited around here but we still have 4-5 opportunities a year. Call them and explain the dilemma and keep your fingers crossed that they will work with you. About the best you can hope for I suppose.
  7. Ric

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    From what I have read in your posts over the last few years, I believe the Duke Brothers might of taught you everything about selling customers at low ball prices and nothing about Pesticides and how to run a business. This really doesn't surprise me that you send your guys a day late and a dollar short. When you work IN your business, you fail to work ON your business. A real Business manager would of been on top of this and would never of let it happen. However if you try and do everything your self, you are not a manager, you are a wage slave of your employee who are making more money than you. They don't have the large investment like you. Pay your self interest on what your business is worth and see if your employees aren't making more salary than you are.
  8. JLC

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    Was at 1:30 till almost 5:00 where we are at (just a little north of you). It was a pre-recorded deal this year, not live feed like years past. Your extension office must have made an "executive" decision to go earlier. Not sure why though, not what the info on their flyer said. Did you pre-register to save the couple bucks?
  9. RigglePLC

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    You were treated badly. As a business, I would complain to the Dean of Agriculture or to your congressman. Try to get the whole Extension office transferred to Drake, or Iowa City.

    If they will not work with you, you have a valid complaint. I would expect them to send you a video of the presentation, and then they should drive to Des Moines on your schedule to give your guys the test.
  10. mikesturf

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    When they got there, they were told the TIME HAD BEEN CHANGED! Turns out, they held the training at "8:30 in the morning"!

    Were there any students there at the earlier time? If yes, somehow, someone found out about the time change.

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