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OK, I keep hearing all these lawn/landscaping crews saying, you need to be licensed to provide a lawn maintenance service. What license are they talking about? I have checked with the state of Michigan and they said "No license required for landscaping unless Landscape Architect is advertised and no license is required for lawn maintenance." The only thing i can think of is perhaps a contractor's license, which is required by anyone who provides a service for over $500. But in Michigan, lawn care was not one of the contractor's licenses. So if someone could specify what they mean to be licensed, it would be great.
To clear things up, I have been in business for 2 years so far. I started by myself, and am still building up my business. I have also consulted another lawn/landscaping company who say that the only thing required is to register your name with the state, get insurance, and pay your taxes(all of which i do/done).


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Licensing laws vary greatly from state to state. In many states, there is no license for just maintenance (mowing, pruning, clean-ups, muilching, etc.).

But most states DO make it a requirement that you get licensed by the state to do larger landscaping jobs (installations, sod, retaining walls, drainage, irrigation, etc.).

To make matters even more complex, states vary wildly on what it takes to actually GET your license. In some states, all you have to do is prove that you have liability insurance and a bond, and they issue you a license! In other states, there are vigorous testing procedures and experience / education qualifications.

Sounds like in your state your fine as long as you stick to maintenance.


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Regardless of the requirements, why would you not want to be insured? It is not very expensive and well worth knowing you are covered.

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