lisences and insurance??


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With the start of this kind of business im sure liability insurance is a must...I have an agent working on that now but how much???? Shes gonna give me a quote for 5000,000/1,000,000,000. good enough??? and what kind of lisences will i need?? I see some trucks with a # right next to there name is this mandatory or a better business thing? again any help is greatly appreciated... Thanks a million guys


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I feel that the second number in your post should be adequate. I read that number as one billion, but you can never have enough insurance.;)



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Portsmouth, VA
How much would you be sued for if something you own caused harm to someone? Get that much insurance. 1,000,000,000 is a ton of money. I think you mean 1mil. Good start. You need a bus. lic. from your city or county. They can tell you if there is a state requirement. Here in VA we also have to register the name of a bus (if it's different than your name) with the state. tou may need a pesticide license, even to spray glyphosate or put weed killer on turf. You may need to display contractor lic # on your vehicle (yes, a good idea: people know you're legit) If you do install work you may need to get a different license (like you would if you were a plumber or an electrician) Employees? Once you have some look for Workman's Comp insurance. You also have unemployment and FICA. It's different everywhere, it might be a good idea to contact the SBA (in the gov't pages of the phone book) and or a lawyer. You have many obigations as a business owner.

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