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    Bad Boy
    Bolens - *
    Bush Hog
    Craftsman - *
    Cub Cadet
    Dixie Chopper
    John Deere
    Land Pride
    MTD - *
    Poulan Pro
    Scotts - *
    Snapper - *
    Snapper Pro
    Toro - *
    Troy Built - *
    Yard Machines - *

    * - indicates store brand

    MTD: Troy-Bilt, Bolens, Yard Man, Yard Machines, Cub Cadet, MTD, Dynamark, YardPro, Weed Eater, Noma, Sears Craftsman

    Ariens: Gravely

    Snapper: Briggs and Straton

    Doing some research on my next mower and came up with the above list of brands/manufacturers.

    A lot of brands to wade through and some aren't available in all areas.

    It makes me wonder how industrialized or over-the-counter the lawn mower business really is. To build a mower order the engine, transaxles, pulleys and bearings, fabricate a frame and a deck. Bolt it all together, add some tires, belts, levers, blades and voila. Well... obviously that's over simplistic but still with several central manufacturers for things like engines (Briggs and Straton, Kawasaki, etc...) and transmissions (Hydro-Gear) and I'd guess other parts it does seem fairly cut and dried.

    Let me know if I'm missing any manufacturers.
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    Although the engines and transmissions are primarily the same, now that I'm demoing some models to replace my Gravelys, its easy to see they're all not the same. The way each mower handles and the quality of cut are the two biggest differences.
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    What factors does the term "quality of cut" generally encompass in engineering terms? i.e. how well the grass is cut at speed, when mulching, when wet, dry, thin, thick, tall, short etc... (Genuine question not trying to be smart a**).

    These are the brands/models I can choose from, the Gravely Compact Pro 34 is just too expensive and of course there's other brands but not in the ZT 34-36" range. The stand up / walk behinds like JD 636M are also too expensive.

    Toro MX3450
    Snapper Pro S50XT
    Ferris F60Z 36"
    Scag Liberty Z 36"
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    Good list. Also:

    Parent company to these brands:
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    Another one (Discontinued, was purchased by Ariens):

    Great Dane
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    There are few brands I notice you missed. Bob-Cat Manufactured by Schiller Grounds Care, as well as Mean Green Mowers and Grasshopper Mowers.
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    Add another to the list:

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    BobCat/Schiller/Grasshopper were mentioned in comments before yours as it doesn't seem possible to edit the original post.

    Mean Green is new to the list.
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    How about Country Clipper.
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