List of who still makes front mount ZTRs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by davidcalhoun, Nov 27, 2005.

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    I know that front mount ZTRs are not the main favorite of many LCOs anymore. Reasons for that are varied and can be a separate tread. I would like to list all of the manufacturers that I am aware of that still make a front mount ZTR (not rear steer). Please add to this list as I am sure that I am not aware of all makes/models.

    Grasshopper - 600, 700, 900 series

    Woods - F series

    Encore - Prowler Front Cut

    Exmark - FrontRunner and Navigator

    Walker - several models

    Scag - Cougar

    Jacobsen/Textron - Bob Cat ZT 125, Bunton BZT 1000, Jacobsen JZT 1250

    John Deere - Front Z Trak

    Bush Hog - not showing front mount on current web site

    Snapper - not showing front mount on current web site

    Toro - (like Walker) not showing on current web site

    Saylor Ind. - Clipper Elite

    Deines -

    Zipper - TS
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    Well I think you have them all.... except Excel Hustler.
    The last three I wasn't even aware of.
  3. South Florida Lawns

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    They stopped a few years back.
  4. davidcalhoun

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    I had checked for the Scag Cougar under Scag's general web site and did not find it when I was making my post. I then typed in "Scag Cougar" on a google search and a Scag web page ( ) poped up with it on it. The bottom of the Scag page was dated 2005. Since I was not sure about 2006, I went ahead and include it.
  5. mcwlandscaping

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    Did scag get into legal trouble with walker or some mower manufacturer did.
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  7. Mowingman

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    Gravely, makes a 3-wheel front deck.
    Marty J, (Diennes), not a commercial machine
  8. flesh

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    steiner makes a model called the 230 great mower
  9. davidcalhoun

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    I remembered the Ingersoll/Grazer . In the early 90's Ingersoll bought the M&W Company zero mower and renamed it Grazer. They also made the same unit for White if I recall.

    I did a search for Ingersoll and came up empty. I figured that since I could not varify it, I should leave it out. Now I see why I failed to find anything, I spelled it wrong. Duh.

    I did not include any 3-wheel mowers like the Gravely (Scag, Exmark, Ferris, etc.), since I felt they where in a separate catagory.
  10. davidcalhoun

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    The Steiner 230 is a "rear steer" unit. That is why it did not make the list. The Jacobsen/Textron group only makes a front mount ZTR in the "Walker" type size under the names of Bob Cat, Bunton, and Jacobsen. They must have felt that the Steiner brand name fit a different niche.

    Steiner must hold the record for "Attachments". Man do they have a bunch.

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