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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by HBFOXJr, Nov 10, 2011.

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    This is similar to another thread I started. Here I want to question the advice to so called experts reporting on business tactics and giving advice in green industry trade publications.

    I feel many of them are participating in ruining our industry, because many are preaching giving the consumer more while trimming or holding prices. Some of us learned to run lean along with corporate America in the early 90's when a lot of down sizing occurred. Lean has become a way of life except in government and sloppy rich corporations that can't see they could do better.

    In recent years many of us have focused on marketing and production efficiency and have honed that edge pretty sharp. Too suggest as a professional to the real world we are in, to give more and make less is insane.

    This advice will only lead the inexperienced and uninformed to try those premises, and thereby put further negative pressure to work. We don't need that.

    We can't outsource our work to China or India. We can't tell our employees we'll pay less than the minimum wage. We can't strike a new deal with our vendors like Verizon, Ford, Toro, Rain Bird, John Deere Landscapes and tell them to take 10% less or we'll go else where.

    Some of the advice coming from industry leading sources is becoming a poison.
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    Got any examples? I know you must have a particular article that is eating away at you!

    I quit reading that industry magazine garbage.
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    I do have a recent one in mind. I was so ticked off at the content, I threw it in the trash. I'll try to find it. And when I do there will be a letter to the editor. Then I'm going to go through the other mags and do the same.

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