Litter.... oh man.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stick9, Oct 2, 2000.

  1. stick9

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    Hey all ...

    I've noticed this one ALOT and it really shows what kind of a job other lawncutters really do ... How many people out there ACTUALLY pick up the trash on the lawn before you cut? You can spend a boatload of time picking up all the garbage but it REALLY makes a huge difference in the final looks of it. Or, do you just pick up the BIG pieces and cut over the small (like cigarette butts and such)? Or, do you say "Who cares?!" and just cut over everything? OR ....... do you just aim ALL of the trash into the road and let the cars 'clean up' for you? Or, ... are you one of the lucky VERY few who don't have to deal with litter on a daily basis?

  2. chrisbolte

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    It depends on the customer. Commerical residential. I hate picking up trash but always pick up large stuff. I usually cut around most things.
  3. Stinger

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    Litter, trash, etc, is why I declined to renew the contract for the local Sonic drive in. We spent more time policing the grounds than maintaining them. We also had a daycare that was four houses next to each other on one block. There was more trash than you could imagine to pick up weekly. I could had charged extra and kept the accounts but I am in the turf management business and not sanitation work. We walk the grounds before mowing and keep the mesh handlebar trash bags on all walk behinds. This keeps us from stopping and going to the truck every time the pockets get full!
  4. 65hoss

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    Hey Stringer, what kind of $$$ does the sonic pay? I have the chance to get a local one here. you can email me.


    BUSHMASTER LawnSite Senior Member
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    hey i pick up trash i do a pizzia place and the ground are sournded with a bufern moslty asphalt,a chruch i do 2.0 acres and corner of a 5 lane highway lots of debris but i only pick up large peices that i don't want my walker handing, it will pick up smoke butts,not to much trash on any other account i guess i am lucky, i would factor in
    man hrs on just picking up trash no equiptment running that's making money ,in fact i would pick up trash all day for ..oh lets see $35.00 be making some decent money with little investment.
  6. Bobby

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    We used to do a Publix supermarket in Miami. It took as long to pick up the trash as it did to do the maint. Couldn't stand that job.
  7. Eric E.

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    A friend of mine worked for a public housing place. They would post that thrusday was mowing day, rain or shine. The lawn was cut with a big gang mower. His boss told him not to get off the machine, "just mow everything!". He mowed toys, trash, beach towels, everything. His favorite was the beach chairs though.
  8. lawncutters

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    My guys pick up everything in the way.It makes for a professional job which is what we are out there for. If you don't want to deal with it give it up and let the green industry stay professional.If there is alot of trash charge for it and let the customer know why. They will either pay or clean up there place. We are working our butts off tring to gain respect for our industry and mowing over trash is not the way to do it.
  9. yardsmith

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    We do a Ponderosa here in town, & it's next to a Taco Bell. I swear they are the laziest bunch of humans there are. EVERY time I mow, taco bell wrappers & sauce packets, & crap people throw out the window as they're in line for the drive thru blow into our lot. I've seen people throw junk out the window in line & I pick it up & give it back to them! They don't quite know how to take that. People are friggin LAZY! The teenagers are the worst. They think the rest of the world will pick up after them.
  10. Sammy

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    I hate the plastic wrap. Always winds around spindles. Tissue paper, paper napkins ect. get chomped up !

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