Litter Sweeping


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We have been in business for over 10 years and have a good commerical customer base. One of our customers has asked us to provide a price for sweeping a parking lot for them. It is a large lot about 30 acres of asphalt, we do the landscape and snow plowing, but we are at a loss how to price the litter sweeping. Job requires to sweep the lot:
Sweep all litter 7 days per week at night
Empty 25 trash cans 2 days per week
Handpick litter out of beds and lawns 1 day per week.

The prices that we have been coming up with seem to high. Wasa wondering if any of you guys do litter sweeping as a business, any tips or tricks to know how to price. Thankyou for your help.


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I have a small slide in vac for a pick up I am selling. As far as pricing the rate here in Maryland is around 40.00 per hour and dumping into their dumpster. But like all businesses there are low guys out there. You can move pretty quick sucking up trash . I only did it for 1 customer and he sold out , and I didnt want to work for the new owner , he wanted me to lower prices. If you are doing it every night it sounds like about 4 hours or less. The 25 trash bags would take about 1 hour , if you pre load the can with multible trash bags , then all you are doing is pulling out the bag. I was putting in 10 bags. Hand picking the trash you do when you mow.

If this is the only job and you can leave a truck on site all you need is a cheap pick up to put this machine in . No tags because its on private property .