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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by 6'7 330, Jun 25, 2005.

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    Name is William, Chicago has been home my entire life.
    I’ve worked mostly in the green industry and landscaping for most of my life. With a couple of excursions into the military, and general motors.
    I got the opportunity to go into partnership with 3 of my brothers in 1996.
    In 2002 one brother left the partnership, after 2004 two decided to go into full time retirement. This spring 2005 due to personal distress, I almost quit myself! My friend and new partner talked me out of it, and glad is me that he did!
    Mistakes those first years, lol JD lawn tractors in place of walk behinds or ztr’s.But the real mistakes were in the direction the business was headed. More Emphasis needed to be put on the mix of maintenance to installs. It was like 90% maintenance to 10% installs. In my mind that and the snowplowing aspect had to be to be fixed .Unfortunately, an ugly power struggle erupted . After the dust and cussing settled, my views won out, I made the necessary fixes and haven’t looked back.
    Now in 2005, my new partner and friend’s entrance into the business brings the added dimension of the first class designer! The southwest suburbs are exploding with new business and home building. And we are there to install, mow and fert their landscape for them. We do it all with chevy, exmark, Kubota, Ryan and lesco!
    It’s a very exciting time to be a landscaper here!
    All in all, very pleased with the direction my friend and I are going. In fact excited!
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    I have a large friend but you must make him look small. lol. Anyway Landscaping can be fun and exciting. You meet all kinds of people eat at all the fast food joints and get to be out with nature instead of all these fat office workers. I going to get my truck next year and get some new equipment and get this business going. Have fun in this industry and be proud instead of these guys who look down on lawn cutters and landscapers.
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    I wish you the best of luck with your business!

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