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  1. rosarioslawncutters

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    first i would like to say that the site and the people here are great

    little about me:
    i remember in 2007 i put a ad on the craigslist to mow lawns and all i wanted was to mow maybe 2 or 3 to pay off a bill that i was running behind and then i was hoping to that time all i was using was a 1985 ranger with a scotts 21 inch walk behind and a weed wacker that i barrowed from my mom ..i had no blowers or anything ...the thing is that that 3 mows turn to 5 then to 10 then repeated customers and so on...ok, then i bought a use 21 inch snapper and had my younger brother help me....then time went by and i bought a old rider john deere to eliminate one 21" and a 4x8 trailer from harbor freight...time kept on going then i sold the rider to buy a 33 wide cut troy bilt (used) by spring of 2008 i had saved enough money to buy my first john deere 48 walk behind and thats when it started to get a little serious...then the fall came and i was doing fall cleanups with rented push blowers from taylor rental ...we had no leaf loaders just a rakes and tarps doing like 1 million trips in the little ford ranger... then spring again and the mowing season in 2009 i had saved enough money to buy a 1989 extended cab 8 foot bed silverado a billy goat leaf loader a 6x12 trailer a extra 32 inch john deere walk behind a older little wonder 8hp push blower a shindaiwa backpack blower and some other gas power tools

    what i am trying to say is that i got in to the business without realizing it....
    and now my wife and kids depends on this....

    ford ranger, 21 inch scotts push mower, 1 weed wacker (moms)

    1989 extended cab silverado 2500 8 foot bed, billy goat leaf loader, billy goat lawn vac, 48" wb john deere, 32" wb john deere, 33" troy bilt, 6x12 trailer, shindaiwa backpack blower, echo lawn edger pe-2000, 8hp older little wonder push blower, a few weed wackers, and a few other things that i can remember at this time....

    i started just doing mowing is 2007
    and now we do
    spring/fall cleanups
    gutter cleaning
    mulch installation
    shrub trimming
    power washing
    flower beds
    small sod jobs
    and a few other stuff that relates to lawn care ( no fert.)

    i was 25 when i started in 07 now i am going to be 28 in june

    thanks for reading my boring
  2. joel29m

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    its not boring, its a blessing hell didnt think i would be as successful as i am now with this business. when you know people and those you know know people, you get around.
  3. dhunterd08

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    i seriously think almost everyone started the same way lol. That is why i think its stupid when people on here put ppl trying to start out down just because they dont have 1 bizillion accounts, and are clueless. This is year 7 for me and i may only have like 30 accounts, but this has put me through school, paid the rent, bought groceries, helped me pay cash for a truck i love, and all part time on my own schedule lol.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    Welcome to Lawnsite...I like the story...good luck to you!
  5. JFGauvreau

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    Ya good story, and good luck to you in the future!
  6. mowZ06

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    Just goes to show you hard work and dedication pays off. I was around your age when I started basically the same as you did. I bought a used full size chevy and a old JD walk behind many years ago. I have around 60 good accounts that have paid my bills for the past 20 years. I am 47 now and have never been out of work. Keep up the good work and the referrals will come in. Word of mouth is the best advertising.

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