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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by White Gardens, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hey we had a client that had an old car buried as part of the historic septic system--when that came out he got a new tank, pump station, enormous mound system, and a big fat bill
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    most sewer lines going to septic tanks are at least 2' deep. With the drain field pipes being 30". But for an old system - its hard to say how deep it is.

    carefully remove the concrete. And only excavate deep enough for the paver base installation. keep heavy equipment weight away from the pipe area, etc.

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    Like stated before, the sidewalk and center depressed area will come out easy, it's just the outer sections the pillars/post are on that I'm worried about. That's why I'm thinking a fascia on those sections.

    The first ledge we did, the pillar/posts went down about 3'. The left side is where I think the pipe/tile runs.

    Now, looking at the pic of the ledge. I can't remember if something was parked in the grass and that's what turned it brown, or if that's potentially a drain-field area.


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