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Discussion in 'Tanaka' started by lawnworker, Jul 27, 2005.

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    Does Tanaka still have any of the small cruise and carry type outboards. I have read that production has stopped on these, but I am hoping there are still some in a warehouse some where that will be sold cheaply.I am looking for the lightest one made for a canoe mount.
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    Thanks for the link. I will check E bay. The 120 looks like the way to go. I wonder why Tanaka stopped making these things?
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    Q - Are Tanaka Outboard Motors still being made?

    A - No, they were discontinued due to EPA emissions regulations.

    Q - Do you have any motors in stock? Do you know where I can find one?

    A - We are completely out of stock. Most of our customers find them at garage sales, or by searching the internet. We do occasionally see them on Ebay.

    Q - I’m not sure what outboard motor I have and I can no longer read the decals;

    A - 1.2 HP – Has 2 bladed propeller.

    1.75 HP – Has 3 bladed propeller with gas cap in front of the starter.

    3.0 HP – Has 3 bladed propeller with gas cap behind the starter.

    5.5 HP – Has an external fuel tank.

    Q - Can I get a carburetor rebuild kit for my motor?

    A - We have carburetor rebuild kits for the 3HP motors. At this time we only have carb kits for the TOB-300.

    Q - Can I buy a fuel bowl for my 3HP motor?
    A - No we only sell the petcock assembly #592.10201.900.

    Q - Can I buy outboard parts locally?

    A - Feel free to check with your local Tanaka dealer. If they don’t have stock or can’t get the parts for you email ( or call (1.888.482.6252 ) us to order parts directly.

    Q - Were the Cruise n Carry motors made by Tanaka? If so can I order parts from Tanaka?

    A - Cruise n Carry motors were made by HMC / Green Machine (Hawaiian Motor Corp). Tanaka does not have parts for these motors, and we do not know where to get them.

    Q - What gas / oil mix do I need to use for my outboard?

    A - 50:1 gas / oil. Be sure and use oil that is designed for air cooled motors (BTW - Tanaka oil works great!!) not water cooled motors. Owner's manual says 25:1. This is incorrect for today's gas and oil formulas?

    Q - Do you have manuals for the outboards?

    A - Yes, we have parts manuals, service manuals and owner’s manuals here.

    Q- Do you have parts for the Bumblebee outboard motor?

    A- This motor was produced when Tanaka and Ariens were associated. The parts for this motor are no longer available.

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