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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by DixieFerris, Mar 15, 2008.

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    Yesterday one of my employees and I were advertising in a neighborhood nearby and had a pretty successful day. We only gave out about 200 brochures, but we signed up 12 new lawns for sure (possibly 3 more in the hopper) and picked up two landscapes and a couple dethatch jobs and mulch jobs. We only go to do the door and ring the doorbell. We always find something in the yard to talk about when we knock, and that little piece of conversation really gets people to talk (Hey, that is a beautiful snowfountain weeping cherry you have next to the house). Just a tip I thought I would pass along for you guys who want to approach new people. We also hit a good stretch the other day where people who had a mowing service was charging $40 per cut every ten days. He was doing them with a 44" walkbehind and bagger. 6 people on the street all used him at $40 each, and it took him all day for those! I told each person $35, done weekly unless weather conditions change it, and if we are there for more than 20 minutes each I would be shocked. Don't be afraid to ask what they are paying guys, because in the end they are all paying me $20 more a month and will me much happier that their lawn is mowed for the weekend each time, not randomly
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    However dont forget to check The towns Laws.....

    the 3 towns I service will NOT allow knocking on doors.......

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