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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by supercuts, Mar 6, 2008.

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    ive asked this in lawn main. but nobody is repsonding. so ill ask it looking for responces to ONLY the little wonder bed shaper. how long do the blades last? ive seen a few bedshapers on ebay, one came with 5 extra blades and they appear to sell for $50 each? also, does anyone use the tiller like tines that bolt to the blade and are they worth it. again, please im only looking for bed shaper users to comment ONLY, not a debate of great edgers. thank you
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    The blade life is directly dependent upon the type of soil you are carving the bed out of.
    While in NE P.A., the landscape company where I was the number 3 guy out of almost 80 ran these units and typically got one season out of the edging blades.
    We never used the tilling tines just the blades.
    What I observed first had was that the harder/more dense, clay based soils shook the living crap out of the unit making preventative maintenance even more important.
    The Honda power plant seemed to require less "babying" than the others that had either the B&S or Tecumseh power plant.
    A tip that worked for me was to handtrim the proposed edge down to bare soil prior to running the machine to trench the bed edge. The turfgrass would hold the soil together clumping badly and clog the discharge chute after thirty feet or so making the remaining cutting the remaining trench at a different depth than when first starting.
    I did come to appreciate the unit, but was very careful to individually train certain crew members on what to watch for when operating the unit.
    If the need arose, I would buy one again but incorporate what I have learned in order to speed the process and hopefully eliminate some of the problems I mentioned.
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    thanks for the insight

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