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little wonder leaf sucker

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I was over at a dealer in CT today and happened to see a Little Wonder leaf sucker sitting on the floor. I am pretty sure it had a 16HP Briggs Vanguard on it. The thing was HUGE for a tailgate mount. It looks like you can turn the discharge chute in whatever direction you want. Not sure how it gets mounted because I didn't see a reciever mount bar. Definately looked like it could take a beating though.
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I got a quote today on that same unit. They cost $3000.00 here, little pricey. But it seems to built a little better than the Billy Goat. I am a Kawasaki fan myself so I hope the Briggs does us well. I guess I will order one today myself..

Oh, by the way. Whta did you have to give for yours?

has anyone got a price for this Little Wonder Truck Loader?

I was quoted 3000.00 today.

Hey mowdini,

I am mouting it over the tounge of a 6 x 12 ft trailer. I am going to raise the sides of it to 7ft and top it with a tarp. My only issue is getting the leafs out. I spoke to some engineers today and they didn't seem too enthusiastic about my earlier drawings. So it is back to the drawing board, for the removal from the trailer. but i'll get it before long.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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