LITTLE - WONDER Push blower/Truck Loader

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    8hp Little Wonder Classic push blower

    8hp B&S engine

    This unit has the optional Truck Loader hose attachments:

    6" Diameter intake hose, 10' in length with handle.
    6" Diameter Truck Loader hose, 20' in length with plate attachment at the end.

    This blower was purchased new in 1990 with the Truck loader attachment purchased in 1992.

    Engine oil and air filter were changed every year.

    While these blowers don't have hour meters, I will make a semi-accurate guess that it is under 250hrs. I only used it as a truck loader for 5 seasons (2-3 lawns), and it only saw blower usage on one large parking lot monthly. This blower never saw daily use, and now that I no longer have that large account, I find myself questioning why I don't sell it.

    It always starts on the 3rd pull when cold, and will restart in one pull when hot.

    The best feature is it's ability to both blow leaves into a pile, and then suck them up, and blow them into a truck or into the woods.

    The hoses are in excellent shape, and are HD Commercial hose. The original hoses barely lasted one season!

    These blowers new are in the $850 range, but with the new blowers the impellers can't take the abuse of Truck Loading.

    This item is being sold as is/where is. Shipping just isn't feasible. I can arrange to meet someone within a 50 mile radius of Philadelphia, PA for delivery purposes.

    ASKING $450.oo 610-489-6080


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