Little wonder spark problems

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by baseball9074, Nov 5, 2012.

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    That it will probably bend another one. You have to treat these engines with care, meaning you need to keep the air filter clean, the oil clean and full, the engine and all of it's surfaces clean, don't let it run lean (including running it out of gas). Bumping the rpms down a little can make a big difference in the failure rate too. I don't know if I mentioned it in my other post, but I ended up putting a new/updated head on mine after it spit out the exhaust valve seat once and bent both rods once. I just couldn't justify the cost of putting a new Honda engine on it.
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    Don't just put a new pushrod in. Check your valve guide. They slide up and and stop the rocker arm from pushing the valve and valve spring down, which causes the pushrod to bend. If you tap down the valve guide it will definitely slide back up again within a few hours. You're only choice right now is to change the head or put a Honda motor on it. If you need the blower immediately tap it down and find out what the lash on the valves is supposed to be. There's not much to know other than what to set the valves at. I'm not sure what the lash is off the top of my head, if I find it in my notes I'll post it on here for you. Call your dealer though and they would know what to set them at.
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    For now I replaced the pushrods and adjusted the valves according. I have replaced the plug, ignition coil, and both air filters, and it started right up. Hopefully it will last without any more problems. If the problem comes back, I will look into a replacement engine or replacing the heads. We will see what happens
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    I'm back to having more problems. What did your gx390 cost? Don't know wether to take it to a shop or replace the engine with a honda or Briggs. What are your thoughts
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