Little wonder truckloader, junk?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by cb171985, Nov 16, 2010.

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    so we have a little wonder truckloader. 27hp skid, mounted on our lawn trailer. this thing seems to be made made of glass. our old rig that we picked up in '98 was some used no name with a 16hp kolher and it never died. 8 seasons with original(to us) engine and impeller! we did away with it when we had to keep rewelding the housing and the gravel worn through(it had no liner). so we picked up this rig in '06 and we have replaced the impeller 3 times($600ea) now 4, the plastic upper tube(warranty), the liner 4 times, and the engine(crankshaft broke when the impeller broke). today i just got back from bringing it to the shop i think the crankshaft broke again! does anyone else have this much trouble with this unit? the thing is when i was young i would suck up all types of ****(big rocks, wood etc) with the old one by accident and it never died. I'm much more careful now but with this one if it starts to rain we have to pack it in because water/mud gets behind the liner and it gets forced into the blade. Is this just the way things are made now a days? I wish we had never bought it.
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    sorry to hear that. that would drive me nuts.

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