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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Truly Beautiful Lawn Care, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. Truly Beautiful Lawn Care

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    Greetings all. Purchased a Little Wonder 5631 Vac. This thing has all the features. Good speed and reverse. Has a good vac also. The only problems I've encountered are: BAG CONTINUOUSLY FALLS OFF! A better design to the bagging system would be an ideal improvement for this machine... a design similar to the Billy Goat MV... guess thats why Little Wonder is not a sponsor on this site! Nevertheless... I would rate this machine a 6.

  2. pugs

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    The metal band is adjustable and they come with a plastic spacer if the adjustments on that do not do it.

    I had a customer that bought one somewhere else and said it came with some like fabric strap that didnt hold his on at all. I got him the right metal one and he says it works much better.
  3. Truly Beautiful Lawn Care

    Truly Beautiful Lawn Care LawnSite Member
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    Thanks Pug. I'll try and make it to the dealer hopefully before the week is out. I think I need a new metal band.

  4. Vikings

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    I bought the push little wonder and I hate it. I love the power but it's not made to be pushed on grass plus the front scoop is cheap and once it had dug into the grass just once, it's popping out of its grove so bad that we had to use a rope to hold up the left side. There should be a metal cord to adjust height on both sides.

    I bought it today and tommorrow I'm going to see if I can exchange it for a self propelled. I wanted one but he had none in stock and I'm swamped with work. He kind of pushed that thing on me telling me that the self propelled Little wonder is over twice the price but I want a Billy goat if nothing else, for the ease of the height adjustment.

    Right now I have a Bob Cat vacuum with a Honda engine, its self propelled but very slow. I figured that two Vacuums would keep up with one power rake but the guys won't use the Little wonder, they would rather hand rake.

    Btw, I personally thought the bagging system was great but we only used it for 6 hours, I'm not sure what would happen once that velcro strip gets worn a bit.

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