little worried bout H2b starting with me on monday

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnchopper, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. lawnchopper

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    we have inherited a h2b for the rest of the season I will be his foreman it will be just him and I mowing 4 days a w/k
    I know that they ball bust and are here to work so I like that however im worried about the language barrier he speaks no english and i know no spanish. So i have to communicate through sign language or something.
    at least he has previous experiance with Walkers and Exmarks casue thats what we have.
    It may be a long fall if I cant converse with him.
    has anyone here been successful communicating with a non english worker how did you do it??
  2. Howard Roark

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    You may want to get a dictionary to learn the basic words one might use to instruct someone to mow, and crash course it before he gets there.

    Even a vocabulary of 20 words may work wonders. Just a thought.
  3. treedoc1

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  4. OnMyOwn

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    I speak Spanish and that has made a huge difference with my workers. However, go to Walmart, or Target and spend $20 on a language translator. It is a great help in the field. Second item: on-line language translation. Check out Finally, start a list of english words relating to your business and spanish translations in the second column. Make it his job to learn the translations and you do the same.

    Hope this helps.
  5. SunSwept

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    Your success will depend upon your (and his) willingness to get along.

    My "day job" is as a computer programmer. I spent 7 weeks in Mexico earlier this year. Though there were several who spoke English to varying degrees, many did not. We got along fine trading words, food and culture.

    About a year ago I had a Mexican working with me for a few days. I think that he was as eager for me to learn Spanish as he was for himself to learn English. He produced a list of about 20 words that he got from a friend of his. Basic words like hungry and thirsty, water, bathroom, more, less, hot, cold. Amazing home much more you will understand if you first start with a basic idea.

    Try and convert a few things that you would like to tell him from English to Spanish then print them. If your co-worker can read then that will be a big help.
  6. jtrice11

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    what is an H2B?
  7. Nosmo

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    This is a quote from an on line site:

    The H2B visa is designated for individuals who will be employed in a nonagricultural positions which are seasonal, intermittent or a one time occurrence. Examples of qualifying positions include travel agents, restaurant workers, janitors, resort workers, amusement park workers and landscape workers.
  8. Brianslawn

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    i know what h2bs are, but where do you go locally to sign up for the program?
  9. Nosmo

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    jtrice11 was asking what is an H2B ? Where do I sign up for the program ? I think you'd have to find a federal court house but I'd ask at the post office.
  10. ed2hess

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    It makes for a long day when you don't speak Spanish with a H2B worker, I know since I work with them a lot. However, with some basic words in Spanish and sign language you can get the job done. Fortunately both my sons speak Spanish so when we work together I am the odd man out. They have conversations in Spanish and listen to Spanish radio and I ride along. We just got a couple more guys for fall grass planting and they are not experienced. It would be impossible for me to train them without speaking the language.

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