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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Like a lot of other outdoor lighting pros, I developed my interest and understanding of light while working in the live performance lighting industry. Way back, I was the chief of a lighting crew for a community theatre in Toronto. It was so long ago that I am sure the technology I used then is probably sitting in museums.

    I now have the opportunity to return to stage lighting. I have been asked by our performing arts council to consult and design the lighting for a few events during the 2008 Festival. I am very interested, but way out of date.

    Does anyone know of some good, up to date resources that will help to bring me up to speed with the current technology used in stage lighting? I am not worried about technique or creativity... I just need to know and understand the current tools.

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    As you probably know, I also started with theatrical lighting, I envy your being able to mix it with your current work. Sorry, I can't help you get up to date. What I've seen at recent live events is that the same basic fixtures are used - primarily elipsoidals and fresnels. Although the more lively events also use the remotely controlled motion spots with built in color changers. An extremely annoying trend (for me) are the strobes they flash into the audience. I felt blinded at a recent Dream theater concert!

    I'm sure the control boards have advancd since I was doing it - a lot of the motion work seems fairly complex, some even sound activated.

    Have fun and post some pics when its over.
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    Check out the Nightscaping Stageliter and Footliter.

    Just kidding. I did broadcast and industrial video and some film for 12 years. If it's community theatre, I would assume not much will be different for black box stuff (or at least I hope the heck not), but if it's bigger budget variety/musical/muppets-on-ice, I have no clue on current controllers, etc. (but maybe those fireflies would look nice, lol).

    I'm confident you would overcome the learning curve quickly, James.
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    I just talked to my girlfriend's son who is an an award winning advanced drama program at the local high school. James (his name) has done some teching as part of the program.

    I just asked him to find out from the more tech oriented drama geeks at school today about where they go (online, books, whatever) to learn current techniques.
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    Thanks Gregg and dglights... I appreciate any help.

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