Living Granule and 123 ICT

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by TopNotchMowing, Jan 21, 2011.

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    What would happen if you used these products together and at the same time? Would the tea basically eat the Living Granules? Same question I suppose for any of the bridge/fully organic products, with the concurrent application of ICT.
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    They work together very well. NP 4-4-2 (the Living Granule) is biologically active and provides food for microbes at the soil surface. ICT Tea is also biologically active and includes nitrogen fixing bacteria that provide a faster green up. They can be applied at the same time, but I prefer to use them separately as part of a program.
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    In most of North America turf stores sugars and carb's in its roots as the days get shorter in the fall and has that food available in the spring, it uses these foods to come out of dormancy and grow, there is very little need to fertilize in the spring as the plant has just about everything it needs, fall is the best time to fertilize turf

    as the soil warms to 60 or so degrees and the microbial action is beginning to ramp up and peak at 75 or so (soil temp) the turf begins to run out of food that was stored in it roots, this is a good time to use a granular fertilizer that is slow release most of the organic fert's will release over a 10 or 12 weeks period, some a little less, which should get you through the summer months, use teas in the late spring and summer to keep color and density

    Bio-stimulants, especially with kelp, can help with summer heat stress quite a bit and have little to no chance of burning turf

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