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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by TheChiefsLawnCare, Mar 16, 2011.

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    I got a couple questions. If you are in Louisiana it would be helpful if you could let me know where you have to go to become LLC and what all is involved. For example, if you have to set a price for a yard and then charge tax on top of that, or if you charge a yard and then take tax out of your profit. Also, what else is involved in becoming LLC, is there an annual or monthly fee that you have to pay. As far as insurance, whats the minimum insurance that you need and whats the basic premium. Appreciate the help.
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    Use the search tool on top. It will answer just about every question you have. Simply type in "llc" and hit search. I have 1m in liability and full equip coverage. I pay 100 a month for one year.

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    yeah i tried that and it says no matches found. and then i tried to search for posts and it came back same thing
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    yeah that is weird, i just tried it myself. i even typed in bid and nothing came up but clicked it at the bottom of the page and all sorts came up. must be an issue with the site, i am sure it will be fixed


    trust me it does help. i have spent many nights uptill 3am doing "homework" everything ya need to know is on here somewhere.

    best of luck
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    You are a service company so I say your tax is paid from the total otherwise you don't add tax on the bill.LLC is forever until you disolve it.It costa a couple hundred bucks for a lawyer to do it or you could try it yourself with the state.
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    tax is to be clearly stated on the invoice.

    The customer MUST know how much tax there paying,
    this is a TAX issue for them too, as you knwo they can 1099 you
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    Just an FYI: If you purchase insurance for an LLC, most insurance CO's will bill you for the total amount of payroll. In other words, when you are a sole prop. they only use $5200 no matter how much $$ you make a year. When you are a corp. they bill you for ALL the payroll (So if you pay yourself $60,000 this year, your premium will be based on that amount), even if you really are only doing it yourself and just using an LLC to try and hide some of your assets if you are sued.

    Insurance CO's charge for the entire amount because as a corp. they have no idea who is doing the work (you and I know it's just you, but that's it) and believe it or not, some people think that by starting an LLC they can do crappy work and not worry about it. After all, the corp only owns a used 1984 truck and a 2000 Lawn Boy mower, so let them have it if they sue me.

    While this may seem a little overboard, it happens and since the insurance CO is no longer underwriting an individual and they are now covering a "thing" or LLC, they want to get as much premium as possible because anyone could be running your Lawn Boy, LOl

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