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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tenderman, Feb 4, 2009.

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    I am registered as an S Corp, but i have an accountant to do all of my tax forms and any other paperwork. My accountant told me that an S Corp would be better because this way you have no liability whatsoever, if anything happened and the company got sued or whatever, with an s corp you are simply a shareholder of the company so your personal record would not be tarnished...
    Although i understand what they are all saying about all of the paperwork needed for an S Corp, like quarterly tax reports and income reports, etc. but if i were you i would do an s corp and go through an accountant... it will be eaiser for you and they can do all of your paperwork. When i registered it cost me $500 for everything, any fees and paying the accounting firm.
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    The whole sub-contractor thing I hear a lot about but much of the time is from people who don't know much. There are certain times in which you can call someone a sub.

    Lets say you own a contracting firm and you have 5 guys working for you and your building a house and each guy shows up to the job in his truck with his/her tool box. They all get out and then everyone just starts working on their task, this situation is sub-contractor

    Now, if you have "your" guys show up to "your shop" in the morning and get into "your trucks" and ride "your mowers" all day then thats not the case. They are employees.

    Hope that helps

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