LMS just added an expense catagory!!

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by IMAGE, Jun 12, 2008.

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    Really guys this just made my day! I had requested that they add expense tracking a few weeks ago, and today I just noticed that its there!

    That is exactly how things should work, taking input from users and actually using it! Landscape Management System Rocks!

    Really I am pumped over this because now I can do almost everything in one place: schedule, estimate, bill, track, and now expenses! LMS just keeps getting better and better, really if you haven't tried it you should!

    I work with a laptop and printer in my truck, and have mobile internet, so I have an office on wheels. I often print estimates and invoices on site, and now I can even enter my expenses like fuel, labor, and materials all while on the job site or at the gas station(which is to often!). No more having to use a seperate program, now its all in one place and I can do it all from my mobile office.

    If you guys haven't checked out LMS you should, it really blows everything else away and makes the "office end" of running a business alot easier. Landscape Management System can be found at www.landscapemanagementsystem.com

    Disclaimer: I am in no way connected or affiliated with LMS, I am just a lawn care and landscape guy who loves LMS because it makes things so easy for me.
  2. IMAGE

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    Wow I am suprised I am the only one on here that is super pumped about this.:cool2::clapping:
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    I will look at it further. Since we are in the market for a software that can replace Quickbook PRO. and see if this would be a good software for my company.

    Can it do estimated for landscaping and irrigation?
    does it do route and scheduling for lawn care?

    I am not to sure that a web based application would be the best option. it sure is cheap thou.
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    Same here. I have even looked at there demo and asked a question on there forum. They do have killer customer service. Does beat Quick books. Also I found out after waiting a phone call back from a tech 2 rep & presidents office I finally was told they are doing a major layoff. Which means quick books going down hill more than what they are now. So I will be looking into landscape management system.
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    I think you could estimate pretty much anything you wanted to using the estimate form. It is a line type form where you enter a discription, quantity, and price per each, and it carries the math for you.

    Here I just made this up for you to show you. This took all of a couple minutes. I am not a sprinkler guy, so I just made up some sprinkler stuff, but you'll get the idea.

    oh and web based-- completely awesome. I am out of town right now, but still was able to access LMS and do this on the fly, instead of having to go home and do it.

    If you have any questions just ask.

    Thanks and Good Luck

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  6. Landscape_Peon

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    I will definetly look more into it.

    Thanks snow pusher! :)

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