Loader work part II

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Fieldman12, Jul 17, 2007.

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    Well, I went and looked at the job yesterday and turned it down. It was clear to me they needed a mini excavator and a small dozer. He had about a 10' concrete covert to remove and replace with a metal one. The covert was about 1' in diameter and was a good three feet below the surface. The covert was stopped up and water flowing over it. It looked like a swamp area. It was clear to me a skid steer would just get stuck and I would have to dig a ramp down to it. A track machine would be better but the correct machine for a quick fix was a mini. This whole job was on a 40 acre wooded farm that you could not hardly put a billy goat on. Now on up to the clean up area. It was on a hill that you could barely climb on a hot summer day like yesterday in a 4x4 and it was greecy all the way up. The basement that he wanted all the junk put it must have been dug for ten years because trees where growing out of the bottom and the dirt that was dug out looked like a perminent hill side. The trailer to be destroyed was falling apart. The trailer actually looked like it would be the easiest job. There was a good two acres up there that had old wood barn siding all over that was stacked about 6 feet tall with nails in it. Some of the piles looked like they would crumble when you tried to move them. There was tons of brick to move, tires, metal siding, glass and so on. There was trees to dodge everywhere and the grass was a good one foot tall. Allot of stumps you could not see that the machine may get hung on or tires destroyed from nails. He said his family wanted to pay about $1,000 to do the job. I can tell you a skid was not the machine but allot of it could be done. It would have been at least a good two day job and looked like a good bit of hand work. I told him to get a dozer and a mini in. I told him it would save him money because they would be in and out. I told him I bet they would at least want $2,000.00-$3,000.00 or more. It looked like to me I was going to get a bunch of flats and maybe other damage from hidden stumps and so on. I figure if I kept the bucket low for the first pass all would be fine but there was just waaaayyy to much work for the money. The work actually was for his family. He said if it was up to him he would pay what it cost and be done with it. There is way too many easier loader jobs out there that a skid steer is better suited for that pay good.
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    I forgot to mention allot of the piles of wood also could not be loaded hardy with a skid steer because they where sitting on hillsides and ditches.
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    Ba na neer neer neer, neer neer, neer neer,..."Come 'n listen to my story 'bout a man named Jed"...:laugh:

    Sorry, couldn't resist.:) It sounds like that guy's got a junkyard in the hills. You're better off letting it go. Those are the kinds of jobs that will cost you more in the end if you're not careful.
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    Those are the kind of jobs that cost you in the beginning AND in the end.........seen a bunch of them, want them done for nothing, multiple trips, "sorry we don't have the cash right now, but we can make payments over the next couple years", and on and on and on.......your best move is to walk away. I'm kinda glad for you that you did not have the right equipment - made the choice a whole lot easier. By the way, I want a new pick-up truck but I only want to pay $1,500.........lots of folks out there want something for nothing, learn early that those are the ones to be cordial to but stay away.......
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    Well, to me saftey comes first and then the well being of my machine. Im in it to make money but I would rather loose a little money in time by not bidding a job high enough than take a job and tear up my equipment and still not make any money.

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