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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by OnMyOwn, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Hi All...
    After years, i run solo with one account that i have mowed since 1992. Live in an HOA filled with grouches that do not want my utility trailer on my property, so had to store it 15 miles away...for free. My equipment is 100 pct. Paid, but i hate the 60 mile round trip to pick-up and drop off trailer twice. At todays gas prices...it costs 15 of my GP. I am thinking about loading my Great Dane Scamper in back of my Z71 with a trimmer and blower, then calling it a day. The dryweight on the mower is 580 lb. I use to do this with an old snapper wb years ago, but my great dane is heavier. Wold you trust the scamper ramped into the back of a Z71? Would you trust a 2 x 12 wooden conversion ramp, or would you drop a few hundres on aluminum ramps, which fold out? Finally, tractor supply states ramp limits of say 650 lb, but is that per ramp, or per pair. I cannot find any confirmation. I appreciate your time and professional oppjnions. Good luck to all of you with the remainder of the mkwing year. Thx.
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    I'd just sell out and move.
  3. OnMyOwn

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    I will consider intelligent answers and professional advice from someone not making a snarky ass comment at my expense.
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    Oh don't get your panties in a wad Francis.
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    The ramp limit is definately each individually. I have bought a set of ramps at harbor freight and they take the 700 pounds of my JD walk behind just fine. They certainly arent great though, and I only have to use them to get down into a lower grass area at 1 property each week, not load in and out many times. The ramps should be fine at TS.

    Oh, and FYI, I got my 1200 pound lazer on my flatbed trailer using 2x12 ramps, they held that weight fine.
  6. OnMyOwn

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    Panties not in a wod, just could have asked an idiot on the corner for a stupid opinion...gave benefit of doubt to the professed industey folks in the know. If i was interestes in wasting time on arrogance, i would be watching LeBron James right now, instead of inquiring from a group of cohorts
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    TSC sells ramps that are rated at 750 per ramp, 1500 total for the pair. I owned a set of them. they were not folding ramps though. I don't trust them anyway like the solid one piece ramps I had. Mine were arched nice, and had a strap that you anchored to the vehicle to keep the ramp from wiggling and coming off the tailgate.

    I hate HOA. I know in theory it keeps the neighborhood nice, and free from inbred hillbilly types that would leave cars parked up on blocks for years at a time, and have naked children running around the yard half starving, but those types can't afford to move into a neighborhood like that anyway, so it's a moot point. I just prefer to have a little more freedom than that while I still can (before the gov't takes the rest away).
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    Hate the ramp idea. Have something fall off once and see if the gas money really cost that much. YouTube is great for anyone considering ramps.
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    I did view some of the youtube fails. Luckily, they we rider fails in most cases. I actually ride my bike to work and try to save money wherever i can. Not driving for my trailer would add 400 plus per yeat to my profit. Not bad...its not as optimal for sure...but i am not looking to grow. I am not looking to hire and i am knly looking to ONE customer, who has been with me for 21 years.
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    Ridin green ... I am with you. hOA perpetuates attorney fees and power trips for educationally lacking types that cant give their opinjns in a 40 plus hour workworld.
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