loading wheels on toro z master

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mickpeg, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. mickpeg

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    Does any one have any experience with loading the wheels on a toro z master?
    (52" deck 23 horse LC Kawa) . We find that the machine has a tendency to slip on hills as did the exmark Zs that we have had. Our dealer loaded the wheels and it seems to have helped the problem but now the machine digs into the lawns more when it turns. We also have a Kubota ZD18 that is incredibly stable and doesn't scuff during turns.
  2. Blessed 1

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    I don't know about loading the wheel but I know all about the scuff marks on mr 52" Toro Z Master. I did one this morning and really took my time to try to avoid them and still got a few. I have tried every thing but I still get one every now and then. Wish someone would let me in on the secret of avoiding scuff marks!
  3. m&m

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    as much as i hate doing it, but it only takes a second, i kinda do a 3 point turn on my yards to keep from getting them marks.....sometimes it works out where i aint got to...........i have also thought about putting water and antifreeze in my tires so i can hang on a hill better........mine slips also

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