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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. bobbygedd

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    ill tell u, talk about feeling abandoned. i have a million leaf jobs to finish, one of my backpacks went down, its probably something stupid, but i cant figure it out, dropped it at the shop. there are two guys i always talk with(one is a neighbor), they both own lawn services. asked both to borrow a blower for a few hours, even offered to pay them, they both said no! here is the part i like the best: they both offered to do the jobs for me, "so at least the client will be happy". told them both to eat chit. blowers are just sitting there in the garage, doing nothing. i know both of these guys, and have for several years. talk about lowlives
  2. 65hoss

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    If the jobs are that important to you, and you need a back up anyway, why not just go buy a new one this morning? Then you don't have to waste time complaining,but making money. Its a tax writeoff for this year and you can be making revenue.
  3. crawdad

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    I would have laughed at you and told you that you "made a funny." :laugh: I do not loan out expensive machines, and I am not a lowlife. I am a business man. If you have a million jobs to do, they will pay for the new machine. Let us know what you buy.
    Crawdad :laugh:
  4. EHesseyLawns

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    bobby, i have a guy that works with me....i try to help my friends out all the time...he never takes care of his stuff, (im not saying you do in the slightest)...but he basically walks all over me and just takes my stuff from my house when im not there and is under the implication that just b.c im at schoool during the week he can take and use my stuff on a regular's getting really annoying...i never loan my "toys" out, only to my father. then too, it's always ironic that my mowers or my blowers have shop tags on them when i come home. i dont know what all he has damaged to my stuff but i know that my transmission had to be replaced on my fav walk maybe those guys have had bad experience with loaning stuff out...but i agree with hoss, definetely get a back up blower, especially in the fall when fall clean ups are the thing...just my two cents worth
  5. PR0 TURF

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    I agree with you...i'd be somewhat upset if my neighbor of all people didn't let me borrow a backpack blower especially if it was just sitting in his garage not being used. I could understand them not wanting to loan you a ZTR or another big piece of equipment but a simple backpack just to get by for the day...i don't understand that. You can come borrow mine if you wanna come out to Massachusetts.
  6. HarryD

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    if you cant afford a new one and your so called neigbor wont help you out hit your local rental place . I guess when he gets in a jam and asks you for help and you say NO it wont be that big a deal to you
    I myself have a few neigbors that refuse to wave or even look at me when we are both in our yards not sure why ive tyred to say hello and meet them but they just ignore me :confused: been living in this house for 3 years now and to this day dont know why they are that way . so at this point I could care less if there house's burnt to the ground
  7. Randy Scott

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    Too many variables and stupid people in this world. I loan NOTHING to NO ONE!!!!!!!! Period. I bought my equipment to make myself money, not others. If you borrow someones blower and it breaks, then that guy will be in the same situation you are now, without a blower and will possibly have hard feelings towards you. Regardless of why it broke. Put yourself in his shoes. You go to a jobsite after he borrows "your" blower, suddenly it doesn't work. You are going to be upset now because it doesn't work and you're in a hurry. The fact that he was the last to use it, you may think he screwed it up and what's to prove he did or didn't. You are a business, buy a new one regardless of the situation. You have obligations to these customers to get the work done. There are no excuses and a professional would make the right and quick decision. Any, and I say any, piece of equipment goes down for me, my dealers home, shop, and cell number are programmed in my phone. He'll take care of anything in under an hour. That's why I laugh when guys just continually price shop and buy products all over town or the internet. I believe I have a great relationship with my dealer. I don't care what anything costs, he's fair and I trust him. That's why I get red carpet service.
    You sound like you have the work, just go buy a new one. Forget about being best buddies with the neighbor and get the work done. I love the fact that I can rely on myself, and nobody else. Do what it takes to survive on your own! :)
  8. bobbygedd

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    from NJ
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    wow man, i am astonished. the same people who will educate their competition, which is much more valuable than a $500 blower, would not loan someone a blower? well, i asked for opinions, and i got them. i just think its really gonna suck for these guys(and it will happen, its happened before) when they call me with this, "bob, hi, im in a jam, my truck broke down, my baby needs diapers and formula, my wife is sick, can u drive me to the pharmacy?" and i laugh in thier face and hang up! i guess its just a dog eat dog world. anyhow, didnt want to invest 5 bills on another blower, and glad i didnt. mine is fixed, and ill be back in full force tommorow.
  9. Darryl G

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    Bobby - I also don't loan equipment to anyone. Period. If it's a hand tool, that's different, but anything with a motor and gear box is off limits. I'd offer to help for free with my equipment before I'd lend anything out.

    The last piece of equipment I lent out was an old Toro string trimmer that my wife uses (small, light and curved shaft). My buddy used up the tank of gas I put in it then filled it with straight gasoline (no mix). It's toast now and he says it's not his fault, I should have told him (I did, guess he wasn't listening). Another friend borrowed my hedge clippers and apparently thought it was a chain saw, wasted the gear box. Then there's the rototiller.....
  10. crazygator

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    This is a funny statement. You are asking to borrow a tool that they make a living with and they say no. So you get mad at them and then tell us the above. I DO NOT loan to anyone either. But with the above situation, I would help out. Its a WHOLE lot different than just simply borrowing something. Helping a neighbor is MUCH different than helping a competitor. I think it is funny that they offered to do the jobs and you got mad too. They were just trying to help you out, but I guess it isnt that important to you then huh. And then you get out of whack when we say we wouldnt loan tools either? Loaning tools and helping out a neighbor are 2 very different things.

    Dont go get mad at me now, this is just my opinion bobby. But remember, if you are this way to them, one day you will need them for something serious and they wont help. Why? Because of the statement above. I am sure they know you feel this way too. Just try to be nice, you never know when YOU might just REALLY need them one day. Be sad if you guys were so mad at each other you wouldnt help in a serious situation.

    I think everyone has been inside too much already. Getting kinda grouchy in here......:D

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