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I need a loan for $10,000 for lawn equip for the rest to start up the company. My question is i have a beacon score of 519, what company would help me get the rest of the stuff i need. I have the truck, trailer in june from a guy from here, trimmer, misc hand tools, edger, 22" sears mower (momther and lawn gave it to me to use) i still need a: large mower, gas cans, power washer, sprayers, hedge trimmers, blower, and a brush cutter atchment for the trrimmer.

thanks for any help on this subject


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what do you need the sprayers for?

if your not getting the trailer until june, how are you going to get your stuff back and forth in April and May?

519 is a pretty low score, but you still might get a dealer to finance the mower for you.

although they are nice to have, you could operate your business without the power washer, sprayers, brush cutter attachment, and hedge trimmers.


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finding what you want for 2k will be a challenge. for right around that price, you can get a brand new exmark metro, gear drive, 32" fixed deck. not very big though.

this won't be popular, but i would rather have a used hydro model than a new gear driven model. also i would rather have a used floating deck rather than a new fixed deck.

if you want a 60" mower, (you said big) you are going to have to get a very used walk behind, or a nearly dead ztr.

any major manufacturer makes a good w/b. it's really a matter of preference. the key is finding one that has been well taken care of. you can tell this by: service records, do they have a maintenance program? do they have a shop? what's the shop look like, neat and organized, or a filth pit? this are just hints, they don't necessarily mean anything.

Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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Owosso, MI
Cub Cadet is running 0 interest and 0 payments for a year. I just got a 48" CC last Friday. Will be a good residential mower for me and next year I am going to get a 52" or 60" Exmark or Bad Boy. You can make the principle payments on the CC and get that number knocked down before the first payments next year.

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