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    By ten years 9 out of 10 businesses are gone.

    Nothing to do with being afraid. It's with not deliberately making the odds against one self worse then they have to be.
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    I understand both sides of the cash only vs debt argument, it's all about being able to manage risk, there will always be things that happen that are out of your control, that's just life. I feel comfortable financing small amounts at a time in order to grow the business a small amount at a time, I always keep enough cash on hand that if all else fails I could pay everything off and get out debt free, that's MY tipping point. I just would like to make one more point here, going to work for the other guy is also a huge risk these days one little blip on the radar and your history same as going out of business except you usually don't even see it coming. so at least I can wake up in the morning knowing I'm in way more control than the guy out there slaving away for pennies on the dollar. if I screw up it's on me but if I'm coming to work everyday busting my butt for the other guy and he screws up and gets in over his head and essentally puts me out of business I'm far more perturbed.

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