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Cheyenne, WY
This morning I went to a breakfast for members of our local Christian Business Directory. They meet once a month for breakfast to network with each other. I got a few good leads out of it. One guy there told me about another networking group that he is a member of. They meet every Thursday for breakfast. I'm going to go next Thursday as his guest to check them out. They are actually looking for a landscaper, but I thought a lawn care guy would be close enough. I would be the only lawn care guy to be a member.

Is anyone doing this? If so how is it working for you?

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I am involved in a group in Massachusetts and have found that there are three bads to these groups:

1. You kind of have to be there every week and in professions like ours, early mornings take up some valuble work time.

2. They can cost alot of money. Mine was a $75 app fee, is a $265 membership fee yearly AND $40 for quarterly dues. That's alot of money to be made up.

3. The breakfast isn't very good!

Although it seems like alot of money going out I figured I would try it for a year and see what it brings me. Hopefully alot more then I am spending.

Best of luck.

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