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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Allen's LS, Dec 17, 2005.

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    I am asking this to you mainly because you are a local guy. I don't install irrigation systems but would like to learn. But I do repair a lot of them on many of my accounts. Anyway, one of our condo associations had some work done where they had to dig up 30' of a straight run. But now they want to know what code is for depth when they (I) put it back in the ground. Do you know what it is, or where I can find local codes for Irrigation?
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I don't see anything much in the way of codes for the actual irrigation part of the job. This follows by having proper backflow prevention in place (toxic-rated backflow protection in these parts) - Once the water supply is protected from the system, then what the hey, go nuts. (to paraphrase one local plumbing inspector)
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    Wet Boots is right. Codes for irrigation are backflow regs.
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    There is no depth code in WA for irrigation water. Backflow codes vary from county to county.

    My general rule of thumb is 10' for 1.25 inch and smaller and 12' for 1.5 inch and larger.

    Apparently there is some sort of code for the low voltage wiring, because we have had our wiring flagged by an inspector that was there to inspect a power ditch once. Never did find out what he wanted.
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    Wow Jon...you go pretty deep. I'm sure 10 feet is overkill. J/K

    I know you meant inches.
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    No, I really do go down 10', I use this trencher:


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    Do you have to use a ladder when doing repairs?
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    Where is the best place to look for the backflow preventer codes?
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    He usually takes an elevator. Course, if it's rained then he may have to transfer to a ferry. :p
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    Best place is to contact your local city for their backflow or cross-connection ordinances. I'll bet though that they'll be based on the National Plumbing Code, Uniform Plumbing Code, Model Plumbing Code, National Standard Plumbing Code, etc.

    You can also do a web search and come up with plenty of cities in WA that have their cross-connection specs online. Use "backflow prevention" or "crossconnection" as your search criteria and it'll open up a LOT of sites.

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