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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Sonnie Parker, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. Sonnie Parker

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    I purchased several pieces of Echo equipment from WiseSales to take advantage of accumulative savings in the hundreds. However, there is a downside to buying from them... you have to take the equipment to a local dealer for warranty work, which makes sense especially if it is a motor or service issue and not just a simple user serviceable replacement part. However, it may not make sense depending on your local dealer.

    On a PAS-280 Multi Attachment Tool that I purchased, the coupling that holds/clamps the attachment to the main unit broke where the nut tightens it. Of course I called WiseSales to see about a warranty claim and they advised me to take it to a local dealer. It seems like Wise could charge me for the part, once I send the broken piece back, they could credit me. Not sure why it would not be simple enough for Echo to allow them to replace the part under warranty via mail, none the less, it is the way it is, and Echo does not allow it.

    One local dealer tells me if I did not purchase the products from him that he will not do warranty work. I probably would have initially purchased from him, but he did not want to sell me what I wanted and insisted I buy something else... and he wasn't willing to give any discount claiming there was no markup in Echo equipment.

    Upon calling the other local dealer and explaining what happened, he immediately blurted out, "That won't be covered!" ... lol ... Okay... now I am curious, "Really, why is that?" He replied, "Something like that isn't going to be covered." Finally after me trying to liven up the grumpy old man... he tells me to bring it in to him and he'll see, but he would have to send a claim in to Echo to find out if it was covered. So at least it went from not being covered to it may be covered. I then asked, "So how long do you expect that might take?"... he replied, "Well, it took 7 days for the last claim I sent in."

    You know... I might would have purchased from the second dealer had they been willing to give me a discount for buying so much equipment at one time, but they were not. They would not even discuss it.

    I guess I am fortunate enough now to have another dealer who sells several other brands that is local to me and is willing to discount his products and compete with others who discount products. While it isn't Echo, he does sell reputable name brand products... and he services what he sales and has absolutely no issues servicing a product even if you did not purchase from him. He his friendly and energetic... he wants my business and his service is genuine... not grumpy.

    I'll just buy the part for the Echo... about 25-30 bucks. I saved way more than that anyway, but I am done with Echo equipment.

    I realize there is something to be said by dealing with a local dealer, but if the local dealers are fuddyduds, then I have no desire to deal with them. If you want my business, act like you want it and treat me like you want it.
  2. Tylerr83

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    sounds absurd they wouldn't cover that. I run husky handhelds and had a similar part break on a husky multi tool where the atatchment shaft mountedc to the powerhead. my dealer replaced it on the spot no questions asked.
  3. GE734

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    Take it to HD and see what they can do, i personally like supporting small businesses but HD has never failed with my Echo equipment
  4. Hawkshot99

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    So was the $ you saved worth the hassle you have spent so far plus not having anybody who will warranty it?

    My full time job is manager of a ski retail shop. It is very easy to get ski stuff online, but usually you dont save that much $.

    I will warranty the brands I carry if a customer brings them in, but dont expect me to put in the extra effort to get it taken care of.

    Now the people who buy the stuff from me...If possible, and I kno I will get a quick replacement I can pull out of stock. Many of the companies dont even want to have the stuff sent to them to inspect. They take the dealers word, pics and opinion on the warranty. If it will get warrantied all comes down to how it is described to the manufacture. You can give 2 totally different descriptions, that are both true, but totally different outcomes..

    If I want a good dealer support, I bye from them, or dont expect much.
  5. Sonnie Parker

    Sonnie Parker LawnSite Member
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    In this case yes... it was well worth it, as the part is considerably less than I what I saved. If it were a motor or more costly part, I'd drive to a dealer that I know would service it.

    I have no issues buying from a local dealer, as I have purchase two mores, two weedeaters, and several other products from a local dealer. However, there are no local Echo dealers with which I care to do business.
  6. aroddy

    aroddy LawnSite Senior Member
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    Yea I've seen this plenty of times. We are a big echo dealer here in town- but there is another one across the interstate and then Home Depot. I get tons of customers who want warranty done and they take it to the guy across the interstate and he sends them right back out the door. So they come to me for warranty. Which I have no problem with because its good business. But I do put my customers ( especially commercial customers) first in line. And when we tell them that up front, they usually understand and then I gain a customer for their future purchases. Wisesales can't warranty the parts cause they can't see the whole unit to make a evaluation to see why the part failed, and it sucks you don't have better dealers around to work with you, cause Echo is a great line and is getting better every year.
  7. Colaguy

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    One local dealer tells me if I did not purchase the products from him that he will not do warranty work

    This a Echo dealer? If so, you shouldcontact Echo & complaint about this. I dont believe a Echo Service dealer can refuse to do Echo warranty work unless you buy directly from him.
  8. Sonnie Parker

    Sonnie Parker LawnSite Member
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    I did contact Echo's warranty department, explained the situation... and all the lady kept telling me is that I would have to take it to an Echo dealer somewhere for warranty service. She did not seem to care about the two dealers I mentioned.

    I ain't gonna worry about it any longer, as I have already ordered the part I need online. It ain't worth the hassle of having to take it to a grumpy dealer, especially when they have a poor attitude.
  9. Colaguy

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    Go Stihl next time. I've owned Echo before & think its a step down from Stihl but what really is the most important factor re equipment...Dealer support. I've got a great local Stihl dealer & if he closed up shop, I'd be screwed big time. An Echo dealer telling you he doesn't do warranty work unless you buy from him, Well that is a terrible way to run a biz. I'd be writing him up a bad Yelp review quickly!
  10. Sonnie Parker

    Sonnie Parker LawnSite Member
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    In my situation, if I had of purchased from the one grumpy dealer and they happened to go out of business, then I probably would be out of luck myself, since the other dealer won't service the equipment. Of course there are several Echo dealers within a 100 mile radius, so it would come down to a matter of expediency as to whether I may drive the distance for a repair... and likely have to make two trips.

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