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Hi all,

I've been reading this place like crazy for the past couple months, trying to get all the knowledge I can about the business and particularly, the administrative side of things. I am currently in a general partnership with a gentlemen who has about fifteen years of experience in landscaping as an employee of some other local companies, but has zero business or tech knowledge at all. (Hence my existence in the partnership as basically the office guru.)

Additionally, it is based out of my home ocated in Washington, Illinois, but a majority of the equipment is stored out of his home in another nearby city. My house is simply the hub for mailings and the such until we begin renting an office in the future.

I've done the following:

Received quotes on liability insurance.
Created the company logo, name, and website.
Talked to several banks about creating a business checking account.
Utilized several contract forms posted on this site, and modified them to my use.
Readied quote forms, and implemented credit card processing.
Received the DBA forms for my county.
Registered for the FEIN.
Acquired Quickbooks for record-keeping.
Registered for my state tax. (Illinois)

I am trying to figure out what else I need to begin conducting business. I visited as I saw posted elsewhere here on the forum and realized that I may need a zoning deviation form, so I'll be looking into that.

From what I've read and been explained by the numerous people I've contacted, Illinois doesn't require any special licensing for landscaping unless you are a "landscape architect" and will not be installing your designs. But do I need a contractor's license? Also, what about simply a business license as displayed in many retail shops?

Please forgive my ignorance on this portion as well, but how do I go about registering / paying use taxes, and perhaps the sales tax on the items we install like edging? (I've read you should charge and pay for tax on those.) Also, do I (I'm guessing I do) need to be paying city and county taxes as well on my profits?

I'm so sorry for being so ignorant, but I'm really wanting to be 100% legit on this, and get it right the first time. I wish I had more knowledge on the tax / permit side of things, but I figure once I figure this one out, I'll know it forever. :weightlifter:

Thanks so much,
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