Local governments restrict use of fertilizer

Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by Ric, May 1, 2007.

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    Tree Huggers Win again.


    This is not the first county local Government to pass laws about fertilizer in the state of Florida. The Jacksonville area was the first followed by a few counties on the north east coast of Fla. then spreading down the state. Sarasota county has the second highest income per person in the state and was first until the Naples area became first highest income area. Cost of Living in Florida has doubled in the last few years with Property Taxes and insurance time 3 to 3.5 in cost.

    The Fla. State Bureau of Seed & Fertilizer has Legislation in the works to limit the amount of Nitrogen and Phosphate to be applied each year per thousand sq ft as well as a required amount of slow release. The Sarasota fertilizer law is written 5 times stronger than the proposed State law I am told.

    Sarasota county has a reputation of enforcement that the State doesn't even come close to. I am sure this new required Fertilizer License will cost a pretty penny, And the stated fines and jail time will be enforced strongly. The City of North Port in Sarasota county has a reputation of making money from speeding tickets and other violation. Since Local police have enforced Mowing License in the past, I am sure all Pesticide companies will be stopped also.

    I am afraid this is only the tip of the iceberg and look for a State License required to apply fertilizer.
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    Since Fl. is a major citrus producer, what will this do to the Ag. community. I worry that politicians never look beyond their grafty hand when it come to mindless adoption of bills and laws that curtail the wisdom the professional. There're talking about runoff--I agree with them that even the big farmer should have courses on the correct use, but those guys have been in the business for years and KNOW what they're doing. It effects their bottom line.
    And when you get down to basics, tree huggers are all liars, because without chemestry life would be impossible.
    If politicians had minds we wouldn't be in Iraq.
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    And to think I voted for the Oil Barron SOB and his father and brother. Now I am paying and arm and a leg for Gasoline. :hammerhead:

    Ag has a big lobby here in Florida as well as Washington. They won't be effected by this new law since it is for non Ag property. Citrus Farmer are still watering like the devil while home lawns are burning up.

    Tree Huggers have some very valid points, However compromise between 21th technology and tree huggers is not possible. Z sprayer and Perma Green should do a land slide business with the big boys now that slow release will be the law. The liquid slow releases are not effective in Sandy soils. Most spray companies are applying straight 46-0-0 urea and this might mean a lot of re-design in equipment. The Commercial pesticide lobby in Florida is losing out and doesn't seem to be fighting the Tree Huggers. In a way I see the Tree huggers point about Slow release as the best agronomic practice for turf and ornamental feeding. Spray companies will be the loser here. yes I am big on spraying and will be one of the losers from this.

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    if they want the product they will have to pay
    will it be harder on the biz sure
  5. Ric

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    I am a spray guy and will be a loser for some degree. However the low ball TG/CL types will have to raise prices big time to meet the Margin on chemicals they need to stay alive. I can turn my Cab Over spray truck into a insecticide only and survive with my Ric-A-Green spreader-sprayer and apply all slow release granule. A all Slow release granule is a better program any way. I am not in Sarasota county but I do have a few Account in Sarasota County which I plan to drop rather than get the Sarasota county License. When the State finally passes the Legislation for Fertilizer (and They will pass it) I will be ready for it. I will get a State Fertilize License if they require one. But I know for a fact the State will not enforce that law like Sarasota county will.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    thats what i was getting at ric it will kill the lowball pricing
  7. RAlmaroad

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    Ric: If YOU get hit by stupidity then we're all doomed. I agree--the state if it gets that far may be more accountable than counties. What should happen is all of the private responsible applicators WRITE the govenor, State Ag. Depart. and protest and to THINK through any legislation before acting. Do this many times, Give a staff member a half-day off to do this. We constantly write the governor and the president. The President--what a joke; maybe someone will get the message.
    I RE-READ that article again and again....
    And....if you get hit, we're all doomed.
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    speaking of regulating fertilizer.... i understand that the state of maine is considering banning the sale of fertilizer with phospherous unless you have a soil test result in hand stating you need it... i'm not sure how they will enforce it
  9. mnturfmaster

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    in minnesota, around the 7 county twin cities metro area, we havn't been able to apply phospherous since 2004 unless without a soil test or a newly established lawn
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    You should be doing soil tests on each property to determine what its needs are. This includes fert, micro-macro nutrients, ph amendments.If you don't then your just guessing.

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