local ground temps??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by get rich, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. get rich

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    Anyone know of local universities or county extension offices know what your local ground temps are? Or maybe a weather website that you can just enter your zip and get ground temps? Thanks
  2. LonniesLawns

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  3. MOW ED

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    Ground temps are variable. North facing ground can be significantly cooler than south facing depending on time of year. Other variables include something of greater density that holds heat will produce microclimates in lawns. Case in point is look next to curblines, sidewalks, manhole covers in the lawns to see actively growing grass (and probably crabgrass too) becaues of the ability of the concrete or iron to hold heat longer and transfer that heat to the soil. Most crabgrass infestations are seen on the lawn edges in my area or in places that begin to get warm first. We also have a unique situation near a railroad underpass. The ground is severely sloped on both sides. The north facing slope is basically brown and dormant, the south facing side is green and the dandelions are in full bloom. The difference is the south facing side gets full sun at this time of the year. i have to get some pics of that. Take care.
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    I am in the Western Suburbs and it is at 55 or more now, especially next to driveways/sidewalks.
  5. Nathan 281

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    How deep do you test at?

    I was testing a few weeks ago and found 54 2" deep and 47 5" deep the shady places were about 6 degrees colder.
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    3" deep, at sunrise. 3 consecutive days of 55 degrees will start to germinate in an area.

    Nathan - Where are you at??

    I've got a lawn in Vadnais Heights that was quite a bit of crabgrass already, however most of the others, I've just got it barely sprouting, if any at all.

    These lawns run from Vadnais Heights up to Pine City, through Forest Lake.
  7. Nathan 281

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    I am in Minneapolis

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