Local guy wants help with 10 accounts?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by Tha5150, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Tha5150

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    a guy locally on craigslist has 10 res accounts and 2 commercial; possibly 1 more Feb 1st. He is looking for someone to split everything in hopes to grow his business. They need to have equipment and reliable transportation.

    So i called him, seems like an ok guy. I have my own equipment; just got this past weekend in trade for a boat. So i am ready to go get some accounts around the neighborhood for the weekends and work my 9-5 mon - fri. Hopefully i will have my own business soon but not rushing it.

    With that said, i told him i would love to help out on Saturdays and or Sundays for a few hours to help get a commercial account or 2 done in less time and more time to relax. waiting to hear back.

    thing is, should i be worried or skeptical about anything? should i have him pay me that day since they are his accounts and he is paid directly or should i wait the 2 weeks type of deal?
  2. Nick's Lawn Care

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    Have your attorney write up a contract! Trust me! I did some sub work for a "friend" of mine in the irrigation business and he screwed me out of a few thousand dollars.
  3. Tha5150

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    And if i have no attorney? Is there a general form i could find online?

    while on this subject, is there a general form online i could download to use as a service agreement for new clients?
  4. OneLineAtATime

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    Contract a must.. Ask to be paid at the end of the day in till you guys build trust. I have lost many friends and still to date have 20k out from sub work
  5. DaveyBlue32

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    Another thing is really know what you and your equipment is worth an hour...Make sure your tools are making there hourly money's and if I were you I would keep those funds in a savings account or something for the day something dies. I started using this simple system awhile back and my new multi-tool and blower came out of that "made" money. It helps keep you aware of what things cost to run too. If a hand blower will do, why run a backpack...save the hours of use for fall clean-up or what have you. Lastly, there are classes at comm. college's and arboretums on plant identification and care, you should check those out...It's reassuring to your customers when you know which tree that is or what kind of shrub's those are. This is a great business, Good luck and God Bless.
  6. OneLineAtATime

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    well said..
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  7. Tha5150

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    yes, very well put, thanks for the advice. I have a call with him this weekend to discuss things further. We have both been very busy lately.

    As for the blower you mentioned, thats in the shop on a recall and by the time that is done, i should have my company name figured out and business cards made.
  8. DaveyBlue32

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    Just wondering ...what are you mowing with?
  9. Tha5150

    Tha5150 LawnSite Member
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    Don't have any accounts so I am mowing nothing. But I have a 44" Dixie chopper just waiting
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    You mentioned needing cards made I Just wanted to say if you are looking for a printer to make your business cards let us know. We work with a lot of lawn care business owners and understand the needs of small businesses since we are one too! We can add our one of a kind Stick-It product to the back of your cards and your customer can stick them right to the front of their fridge, computer, car dash or almost anywhere. It increases your ROI because your card can always be in view. Furthermore, If you add Band-It you can turn your business card into a cool door hanger killing two birds with one stone! Take a look at the video that explains it all & scroll down on this page for our incredible prices. :)

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