local HD has used BillyGoat Brush Hog

Discussion in 'Rental Equipment' started by Tony Barnhill, Mar 17, 2018.

  1. Tony Barnhill

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    Hi, I was going to rent a hydraulic BillyGoat Brush Hog from Home Depot this week for $350/week but they have a used one for sale for $1100. I was thinking of getting it, but they told me they're waiting on a belt to sell it. Anybody know/think I should or shouldn't pick up this used equipment? I'm sure it's been abused, but at the same time it's been serviced regularly. I could use this daily for a year on my property and never be finished, so having one all of the time is appealing.

    Thanks for any input.
  2. hort101

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    If you can do your own repairs or have a good small engine repair place if needed
    I'd say go for it
  3. Tony Barnhill

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    I just talked to their service tech and he said he installed a new transmission last week, and a new belt and plugs this week. Sounds like a win!
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  4. code54

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    I would grab it for the price and with a new tranny
  5. Tony Barnhill

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    I picked it up for $1050. Ran it for a couple of hours this evening, everything worked great.
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  6. kemco

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    I bought a $4k (retail) asrator a few years ago from he used for $900 plus with a little haggling got them to throw in $100 of "whatever I wanted from the store" for free. It's worked great. Had 40 hrs on it when I got it.
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