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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Sep 30, 2006.

  1. tacoma200

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    One of the Larger LCO's that has run Grasshopper and Toro told me after owning a John Deere ZTR he is going to buy another one. He said the Toro (2000+ hrs) mowed well but in the damp wet stuff the 7 iron was much better. To be fair he has not tested the new Toro's Turbo Force. What do you guys think of John Deere dealers? I don't get the feeling they would treat you as well as some other dealers but I have no reason for this. They seem like the prices are set in stone much like Stihl products but I'm not sure about that either. The Deeres look like they would ride rough with the small front tires. How about the rest of the machines reliability? If I ever get another ZTR it would be close to the 30 hp range. I hear mostly positive about the 7 iron two deck but the rest of the machine, I don't know. Wonder if they will get 5,000+ hrs out of the Deere that the Grasshoppers (diesel) are getting around here? Of course they won't being gas powered but do they hold up over the long haul (deere)
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    My dealer started off great, but then went to crap over the last year. I'm going to switch over to Wright next year plus a new dealer. My other complaint about JD is that their not making a 36" hydro. So this is the other reason for switching to Wright.
  3. lawnspecialties

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    I have been seriously considering going to deere next season as well. With the constant raves I'm hearing about the 7-Iron staying clean, Hustler's lack of hp options, and the Green-Fleet program, it's really got me to checking them out.

    My local deere dealer has gotten too big for their britches, but another dealer less than an hour from here in a small town; I hear nothing but constant compliments.:)
  4. MysticLandscape

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    If you want to know about JDS talk to MM Lawn thats his main machine of choice I believe.
  5. Idealtim

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    Yup, talk to mm. Or, you could always do a search.
  6. tacoma200

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    Dealer attitude is very important. I'm not going to buy a mower with an exellent cut if you can't depend on the dealer. Done went through that with on Exmark dealer (who wouldn't answer the phone, never knew when your mower would be ready, and his favorite word while you were waiting in line was "NEXT") My Huslter dealer was the best. That's why I was thinking of Toro next time because the dealer is in town and he does not do huge volumes of business but is good at what he does. Even if the cut is slightly less perfect than the 7 iron II if that be the case. I've got alot of studying to do and maybe I can get the feel of a few mowers at Louisville next week. I still need to hear from more guys on the Turbo Force in Northern grasses.
  7. PLM-1

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    First off, i'm not just saying this because I'm a Grasshopper guy. Several LCOs, around here have changed to Kubota, Hustler, Exmark, Deere ... and then changed back really fast! The Kubota guys changed because of the crappy cut/warranty problems. Hustler/Exmark guys because of durability and cut. Deere because of the cut and many hydro problems. It may be just be this area/conditions but most guys just aren't getting the expected life out of the machines. Take it for what it's worth ... that's just what I hear from different guys.
  8. MJB

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    Tacoma my first Exmark came from a JD dealer. They were selling more Exmarks in 2000 than Deer. But I have to say they had great dealer support, and even my local JD dealer has great support. At least you know JD will be there yr to yr. Maybe by spring a lot of the mower issues will be settled, even Hustlers. I can't believe the productivity I get using my Hustler on most lawns, but there are some that it just isn't worth unloading it on. But I had to go back to mulching to get a cleaner cut.

    As far as Toro goes just do your homework on which machine you buy, and demo as much as possible. They have some good and bad like all of them. My Toro experience was in 99 and it was a nightmare and they did not care at all. Nor would they trade me out the piece of junk they sold me. But I know they are no longer making that model due to the problems it caused. I would not be afraid of the new Toro as long as I had a good dealer and the cut was better.

    Grasshopper makes a good mower, but I sure like my Hustler and Exmark way more than the GH's even though they are very reliable. But I have not tried the new mowers.
  9. LLM Ann Arbor

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    I have a JD 757 thats 1 year old. I change out the blades three times a week and have as of yet to have to clean the deck. Theres a little scag around the spindles but the rest of the deck is shiny clean.
  10. Willofalltrades

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    I want to know why many people don't like the JD quick trac. I haven't had the chance to demo one yet and I'm loyal to my Walker/ Wright dealer but a stand-on mower with a floating deck that is known to leave a good cut seems really apealing. Plus the motor (kawasaki) is the same as the others. The pumps and wheel motors are on all other JDs that people like. What makes the machine stink?

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