local propane company said they would convert my scag for free

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by clyde, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Ecotech

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    I actually have the Scag unit, it has been great so far and the tanks last a while. They are standard forklift propane tanks, which the propane companies up here have exchange programs for. It is nice having the gas backup on the mower though.
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    I would think if you were going to do this you would have a propane tank rack at you shop with 4-6 tanks per mower. So running out would not be an issue and the propane man would just come by your shop once a week perhaps once every 2 weeks and fill up your empty's.

    But before id do this I want raw numbers these forklift tanks how much per refill? How many hours do they last on a mower? Whats the cost per hour vs cost per hour of gas or even diesel. If gas prices collapse again and hit 2 dollars is this still a good alternative?
  3. clydebusa

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    Couple of LCO's in the Tulsa area has gone to propane on their big ZTR and the word is they are saving money. Change oil less often and don't have issues with stolen fuel.
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    May want to back up on the vapor tank! Thats all we use at my shop on the mowers. But must be the outdoor power tank made by worthington or manchester. Have more problems with liquid withdrawl tanks here with low temps and high humidity. It all ends up a vapor after the reducer anyway. Kohler even uses a vaporizer on their engines.
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    Don't let the lack of propane filling stations deter you, have the propane company provide you with a refill rack that they keep full, or get them to set up a re-filler at you shop. Also talk to them about tank cages that can be mounted to your trailers to carry refill tanks with you.

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