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    FIREMAN LawnSite Senior Member
    from n.j.
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    does it seem to anyone else that their local road dept is slower than molases when plowing streets, kinda makes you wonder, are they just dogging the town for o/t???
  2. Mike Nelson

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    Not our town,
    Myself and most of the guys are in the local fire department together.
    The super and I call each during the night to ensure the other is up when snow is predicted.Also swap weather reports.
    I also belong to County super's association and get to know all the guys.
  3. Pauls Mowing

    Pauls Mowing LawnSite Member
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    This last storm with ice and 8" of snow put the city way behind. One week later, most of the side roads are not plowed to full width. Main streets are better, but sanding leaves a lot to be desired.

  4. John DiMartino

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    The town i live in has an excellent highway dept,they really are top notch,as soon as i hit the town line-you can notice the difference right away.We are very lucky to have a good hiway superintentdent.The villages are behind in big storms,they have to remove snow on all the streets,and it takes then week,working at night with compact tractors,and skid steers to clear them all.
  5. snow

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    We have a very good highway department. During the Blizzard of 2000, the trucks would make a pass on our street about every hour to hour and a half. This one truck covers all of Riverside, which is a lot for one truck to handle. When the subs plow, they work in tandem with the new sterling. When nightfell after we had the big snow, our road was as wide as it could be and black.

    On the other hand, my aunt lives in Norwalk. We had the storm on saturday, on sunday the roads dept hadn't even made one pass. the section she lives in is always the last to be plowed.

    Even though our highway dept is Union, they work hard, and don't do a half a$$ job.

  6. diggerman

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    from Iowa
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    Ours is good as well they hire private contractors to pick up the slack on the heavier snows.
  7. Deere John

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    They guys in the trucks can only do what the management of the city will authorize. We used to have, what I would consider, top notch service from the city. The streets, meaning back streets, were plowed during storms, then reasonably after the storm.

    The storm we had this week dumped 14". We were into the 36th hour before the city plows made the circuit. We had been to some customers 3 times before the city plows made one pass. It means extra call-backs for us. We charge, and say complain to the city, we have serviced you as required.

    The guys in the trucks do their jobs well here. The cutbacks are what makes the service suffer. What bugged us was that the Director of Pubic Works was on the radio Friday stating that he was really proud of how his department rose to the challenge. He was being less than honest.

    Dig's municipality has foresight to know when service should come above cost control. Our city stopped hiring contractors for storms 6 years ago, because they didn't like the bills. Now, we have to suffer the slower service.
  8. little green guy

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    It's pathetic, we plow for the town(schools, parks ect...) During the blizzard last month we had all of our sites opened up during the storm but we had to plow some of the roads ourselves to get to our sites. We had trucks stuck on the raods and not the places we plow. Some of the roads didn't even get touched for like 18 hours after tthe storm began. We've had some storms where our sites are balck while there's still snow pack on the raods.
  9. slplow

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    My town sucks, they will salt 4" of snow with out plowing the streets and there is nothing worse than driving on greassy slush.

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