Local rules & regs

SlimJim Z71

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I called the city hall here in Crystal Lake to ask them about pushing snow across the road... they said that's a BIG no-no. But, I can push it out into the street, and then push it back up onto the lawn of the person's property that I'm plowing. They said that's the one exception to having your plow on the street. Just thought I'd pass this along, since it came up in another thread.



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Wilmington Oh
When I first started pushing I found out the hard way. The local poloice stopped and warned me I thought it was stupid then but now I guess I understand they want the truck in the middle of the road not the snow trailings


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I Maine, they don't care if you push accross. The only time they care is if you leave a mess in the road. Or the neighbor on the other side of the street gets mad, and most neighbors don't care. The ones that do, are marked on the list, we ask the neighbor what their feelings are on snow in their front yard, after we get the account.