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Local Snowplower charged for mail fraud.....


LawnSite Senior Member
There was a write up on a company that does both lawn and snow services about a month ago. What this guy did, was bill people for snow services but only serviced once or twice and never again. He got a good number of people's billing upfront, for the few months of coverage. Well, this guy decides to claim he's going bankrupt, so he can skip paying everyone back and keep the cash. Well, he sends out the letter to his customers explaining he's bankrupt, and now the police get involved. He just committed a federal offense for sending a false statement about his finances through the mail.

The ironic thing about the whole thing was that the police said they might not have ever caught him for his past actions, until it became a mail violation. Sucks to be this guy, he's going bye-bye for a long time, but he gets what he deserves. Guess that means less competition in the area.


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A2, Michigan
I saw that on channel 7, I think. His name was "Storm Team" or something like that, people thought he was part of Channel 7.


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Beatrice, NE
It always amazes me how really stupid some people can be. Luckily he did'nt get away with it!


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Flint, Michigan
There was a news story just like that a year or two ago down in Detroit, as well. It was on Channel 2 or 7. It wasn't a mail fraud situation, but a guy who collected a whole bunch of money, but then didn't come through on a service.

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