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    Yes in deed the weather has killed us. 2 days of working spring weather and 3 days of snow, ice then let's not for get the 2 days of rain that seems to just keep comming, I am ready to see free again.

    Have you been to Byrds lately? In September we ordered several walkers from them and I was later told by their distributed at the GIE that mike Byrd was in real bad health and his son Mark was having issues and the distributed told me to see E.A as he would likely be the only dealer of walker by 2015 year. I just never liked those guys , the owner or manager ( can't remember his name ) tried to get $ 8500.00 for a new but 3 year old 36"Model S then told me for te same amount we could get a Bad boy with a 60" deck, I called dewight sandlin owner of E.A distributed and said $ 6800.00 was high For the model .
    I can't forgive a thief
    I later was shown at Byrds a MC ghs 48" was 9800.00 with tax, that kind of sealed the deal.
    I don't doubt I have bought 30 walkers over the years from Oakley equipment then they messed up with the rep and I moved to Byrds.

    Thanks for the dealer names I will add them to my dealer list and bring some business their way.

    So are you guys into major maintenance like we are with our guys down there?
    It seems like for us if it's mowing it's everything else too.
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    I'm in NE you're in N central not to far over a hour for sure

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