Locating Crews/Tracking Crews with Nextel.

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by RedWingsDet, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. RedWingsDet

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    I was on my account today and saw something neat, im sure there are other ways to track, but this seems the cheapest if you have a company phone in each truck (which I do) for emergencys, and this seems much cheaper than getting a seperate device (however if im wrong tell me). Its only $10 extra per month up to 4 phones if you have nextel/sprint. Its called family locater, and only one phone (mine or yours) can track the other phones and see where they are at any given time without them knowing, or you can go online and track the phones.

    does anyone have this and how does it work? and are there other devices like this out there that can be cheaper/better or work without needing a phone.
  2. willietd2

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    they will know they r being tracked. it sends an alert to the phone that your tracking. it does work well, but not unknown. willie
  3. Flow Control

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    I use something similar from Nextel, the bad thing I found is that it may go a few hours before it picks up an location. And with a business phone it is $15 per phone extra. I am looking into other possibilities. I mainly need it for referencing billed hours (looking for one that will show the history of the entire day) and if a call comes in and they need same day service I can just get online and dispatch the nearest truck.
  4. jc1

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    My buddy uses it he started last spring. It helped him detemine that his crew had some extra income going on. One day the truck started to be at one stop for 15 minutes longer then it had each week. They had picked up a neighbor. He then looked at other days and time the truck sat and determined they were doing the same at a few other locations.

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