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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Roger74428, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Roger74428

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    What is the best way to gain new customers as far as advertising.
  2. lawncare4u

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    Might want to spread the word to any church,civic or basicly any group you might be involved in,that you have a Lawn Care operation going on,,also let the elderly in your community know...place some door hangers,or maybe some signs at intersectins...............hope this helps :waving:
  3. Roger74428

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    Yes that helps some of it seems like inexpensive ways as opposed to using certain media sources Thanks.
  4. Flex-Deck

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    If you are new in the game of LCO - you have to almost bid break even the first year, then prove you can do a good job. Then the next year you have the opportunity to take pictures of your mowing jobs and present a plen for the yards you are wanting.

    "Sir - here are some pics of what we can do. We do not know what you want, but if you want a quality mowing job, and or quality grass with a fertilizer program etc, we can provide it at this cost!

    There are a lot of "professional LCO's (have been in business for 20 years) and they think they will be hired next year just because. Their quality is suspect. Who is the low-baller here. Thanks Brad
  5. MidAtlantic

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    Doorhangers and flyers seems work for a lot of the guys on here. Try something new like having some 18"x 24" poly yardsigns printed up and cavas the areas or neighborhoods you like or want to do business. Keep in mind your signs will only last 1-2weeks before the city state or angry competitor or community members tears it off. Beware in some states and counties its illegal to post them on traffic signs but come on how many times do you see people posting yard signs and other services on those stop signs? I see them on every stop sign every week.

    I think its worth the $2.00 investment per sign, and its faster than walking to each and every house. Its larger and people will drive past it 7+ times in that 1-2 weeks its up. You know the saying bigger is better! Think about it every development has 1 or two entrances/ exits where they have to stop each and every time. If they need lawn service or they are just tired or doing the mowing themselves then it will be a friendly reminder like a billboard on the side of the highway reminding you to drink budwiser, pepsi or visit the local strip joint....

    I cant emphasis enough that it is most likely illegal but so is putting business cards, flyers and other advertisements on,in or near a mailbox and how many people do it. Just do it till you get your slap on your wrist.

    Just dont put it in on or near my mailbox cause I am one of those people that will hunt you down and chew your ear off or shoot you from road rage after dealing with all this damn traffic I have to go through just to get home to my castle :realmad: :angry:

    PM me if you need help finding a good source for these signs...I have a really cheap source that ships in 3 days.

    Good luck with your year
  6. Roger74428

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    I appreciate the info. Your thoughts and ideas are very helpful giving me food for thought.

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